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A Dexter Fan Community

A Dexter Fan Community
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Welcome to the darklydexter community. We are here to discuss anything and everything related to the Showtime series Dexter! Feel free to post icons, picspams, layouts, discussion and anything else pertaining to the show or book series.

1. Be nice! Everyone has their own opinion so please respect that.
2. Use an lj-cut! If you don't know how to do one, don't post.
3. You may post things pertaining to the actors [not guest stars] but don't go crazy, this is still a Dexter community.
4. Please tag your posts! It's not hard.
5. Please put ANY spoilers and speculation under an lj-cut! This includes anything for season 6.
6. If you just joined there is no need for an introduction post.
7. When making an icon post please make sure none of your teaser icons are spoilery and there are only 3.
8. Please don't link to any post that are locked or will become locked after a certain amount of time. They'll be deleted.
9. DO NOT JUST LINK TO A POST. Please share the entire article/all of the images and THEN link back to the source.

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